What are we selling?
  1. 600 square meter Villa + Dependance with two bedrooms, Pool, Garage for 8 cars and 6.043 square meters land
  2. 12.500 square meters building land with sea view (VIEW) for a 293,30 square meters building and 112,13 square meters for pool and ancillary rooms
  3. Agricultural Land for 7.296 and 3.778 square meters
What is the price?

Everything is sold by PRIVATE NEGOTIATION

Is there a real estate agent to pay?

No. Villa Le Rocce is a privately owned, direct-sale property.

Are there any sales restrictions?

No. To avoid any restrictions, the property is owned by a real estate company that is for sale with the villa. The buyer will buy the real estate company (that has no debts and no credits, other than the villa). This will enable an international transaction.

Is the villa easy to reach?

Yes. The villa is close to Montecarlo and San Remo, in the heart of the Ligurian Sea.

Is privacy guaranteed?

Yes. The villa has an individual position on a hill above the sea, which can only be reached by an internal elevator or stairs.

Can I acquire more land?

Yes. If you require more than 6,000 sq. m, another plot of approximately 20,000 sq. m, which is linked to the Villa Le Rocce plot, is available.

Can I build another building?

Yes. We are selling another approximately 20,000 sq. m plot close to Villa Le Rocce, which has been approved for a new building. The two plots together would be one of the biggest properties in the area.

Can I visit Villa Le Rocce?

Yes. Please contact us for an appointment.

I am a real estate agent. Can I contact you?

Yes. We do not want to hire a real estate agency to market the villa. However, if you have a customer interested in the villa, please feel free to contact us.